Visitor Requirements & Procedures

We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, and we are doing everything we can to ensure everyone remains cared for and safe at Warrina Innisfail.


Please refer to the information below: 


Faccility is still on High alert

Special Care unit (SCU) and Sea Poy Robert (SPR) are tagged as Red Zones

Flexi Care unit is now in Green Zone.


Screening will be done inside the Nursing Home or the Hostel entrance.

  • Surgical masks(instead of P2 masks) must be always worn over the nose and mouth.
  • Eye/Face protection is required when visiting Red Zone Areas
  • A negative RAT result is required prior to screening.
    • RAT will be required daily till further notice.
    • RAT info must be delacred in the loop learn station while sceening.

Masks, eye/face protection and RAT tests will be provided.

If you are unvaccinated, you are still required to wear full PPE for your visits. This means gown, eye protection and masks must be worn.

If you work at a health care facility such as GP surgery, aged care facility or hospital setting, we would ask if you could wear an apron also to reduce the risk of infection. This is optional.

After check in, please use the direct entrances to the area that your relative is residing in.

Information  boards are located at the entrances. It will have an updated status of the units you are visiting and additional requirements. Please take a moment to read it.

No identified Red Zone Areas

For visitors of all the other areas, once your visit is complete, please return to the main reception to check out.

You are required to take frequent breaks once every hour and hydrate to prevent becoming unwell. 

Please maintain safe distancing and remain with your relative in their room or outside.

Movements between areas and units will need to be restricted to prevent any risk iof transmission to other areas. 

When you have more than 1 resident you need to visit, please coordinate with the DON, Senior RN, Infection Control prior to entry to help facilitate this.

Your family members can still go on social outings and medical appointments.We do ask that you complete a screening with one of our staff when you return from your outing.Try to support wearing a surgical mask where social distancing is not possible.Masks can be obtained from the unit prior to departure.

If you are a close contact with a positive Covid case, it is required that you do not enter the Facility for the isolation period, this is generally a minimum of 7 days, depending on whether you are symptom free.

If you or someone who visits, contract Covid 19, you are not to enter the facility until 7 days after you have been released from isolation. E.g You complete isolation for 7 days then an additional 7 days waiting period is required before you can visit again.

If you have tested positive on your RAT test, you are required to report it on the Government reporting website. You can use your QLD check in application to access the site or at

If any family members have FLU symptoms or generally have not been well, please call the Warrina Office prior to arrival so we can guide and advise you and if any additional requirements would be required to support your visit.

We are sking to please consider strongly visiting relatives which are in isolation. All we need is for you to book when you are coming so staff can assist in PPE usage and scorts.

Visitors will not ordinarily be given access after 4:30 PM unless prior arrangements have been made

– e.g. by making an evening appointment or putting special arrangements in place.

Visiting after hours are from Monday to Friday after 6:00 PM and is by appointment.

Please contact us before 4:30 PM to have this arranged.

During normal business hours all entry to Warrina will continue to be managed through the reception area and will be assisted by our administration staff.

On Public Holidays and weekends, all visitors are asked to go straight to the Nursing Home unit and ring the entry bell.

Care staff have been forewarned that they will be required to attend the door bell and screen in visitors.

We particularly ask visitors who arrive on a public holiday or the weekend to show appropriate patience as Care staff may not be able to open up immediately.

Visits for “End of Life” or for those visiting a palliative resident will not be restricted but will have to follow specific arrangements.
These will be discussed with relevant families as required.
Other exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis and should be raised with the Director of Nursing or the relevant Clinical Manager or Clinical Care Coordinator for discussion prior to any visit.

We would like to thank all visitors and family members which have followed the requirements. We would also like to thank those which assisted us through the period of outbreak, your time and support is and was greatly apprceciated.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

While not mandatory, you are encouraged to:

• carry a mask with you at all times when you leave home
• wear a mask when travelling on public transport, in a taxi or ride share or in shopping centres
• wear a mask in any indoor or outdoor space when physical distancing is not possible.

More information on masks is available from the Queensland Health website