The Lakes Village FAQs

Moving home is always a major event and moving in to a Retirement Village is no exception.
Residents move into retirement villages for a whole range of reasons including peace of mind, a sense of community and a “lower maintenance lifestyle”. Naturally, there is a lot you will want to know about the Lakes Retirement Village (the Scheme Operator).
Here are answers to some of the questions people often ask us.

The Scheme Operator grants to the resident the exclusive right to reside in the Accommodation Unit by way of a ‘licence to occupy’ with the added advantage of not having to pay stamp duty, as in a freehold title.

Residents pay a weekly fee, which covers the costs associated with the day-to-day running and maintenance of the Village. These costs are apportioned to each Accommodation Unit on an “equal share” basis by way of a charge known as the General Services Charge. Fees are set as at the 1st July annually.
Current Fee rates as at July 2021:

• General Service Fund – $104.37 per week
• Maintenance Reserve Fund – $24.50 per week

All electricity costs are included in the General Service Fund fees. Electrical costs for running a fridge and washing machine are absorbed in this cost. Extra white goods (e.g. second fridge, a deepfreeze and clothes dryer) and air conditioner incur a fee of:

• 1 extra White Good – $3.50 per week
• 2 extra White Goods – $7.00 per week
• 3 extra White Goods – $10.50 per week

Queensland Government Energy Rebate discount is applicable to residents who hold a Pension, Seniors or Commonwealth Health Care Card. For Residents who are not eligible for the energy rebate, a separate charge will be incurred.

Contracts and Ingoing contribution must be finalised before entry into the village.

We understand not everyone has the same capacity, needs and desires to join in social events within the village. You are always free to choose how much or how little – if at all – you wish to participate.

There is a local bus service operating with a bus shelter in front of the village. A bus timetable is available on request.

The Lakes Retirement Village is not a residential nursing home. Your unit is your private residence and arrangements for a home visit is between yourself and your doctor.

We strongly encourage the continued involvement of family and carers in all facets of your life, particularly if your family’s assistance with your medical management is important to you.

If there is any change in your condition or medication requirements, we would ask you or your family to inform the Village Manager so we are able to assist should an emergency situation arise.

Minor internal alterations and improvements can be made with the written consent of management. However, when the contract is terminated, the right is reserved to restore the property to its original condition at the expense of the outgoing Resident.

Each duplex is allocated one Dry and one Wet Waste Bin. Waste is collected early Tuesday morning. Wheelie bins are to be taken out to Emily Street on Monday afternoon. If you require assistance, maintenance/grounds person can be notified to collect and return bin for you.

We encourage residents who have a love of gardening to participate under the guidance of the grounds person in caring for the gardens and grounds within the village. Individual vegetable gardens may also be planted. Please discuss your preferences with management.

This is your home – to live in as you always have. We ask you to notify management of any visitors intending to stay overnight or for a period of up to three weeks. Where the intended visitor is under the age of eighteen years of age, the prior approval of the Scheme Operator is required.

In the event that the Resident intends for a visitor to stay for a period in excess of three weeks the Resident shall seek the prior written approval of the Scheme Operator. The Resident shall ensure visitors comply with the rules of the Village and shall not interfere with the rights and enjoyment of other Residents at the Village.

The Scheme Operator will have the right of controlling the sale of the Resident’s right to reside in the Accommodation Unit.

When you leave the Lakes Retirement Village your unit will be placed for resale. Your exit entitlement will be paid within 14 days after the settlement of sale of the right to reside to the next resident or the operator or nine (9) months after your residence contract terminates. (whichever is sooner)

The Exit Entitlement shall be calculated as a percentage of the Ingoing Contribution paid by the Resident depending on the period of time that has elapsed from the Commencement Date to the Termination Date.

The percentage of the Ingoing Contribution that is payable by the Resident as an Exit Fee is as follows:

YEAR TIME ELAPSED EXIT FEE (% of the Ingoing Contribution)
0 – 1 Less than 1 year 10% for the first year calculated daily
1 1 year or more but less than 2 years 10% for the first year plus 10% per annum calculated daily during the 2nd year
2 2 years or more but less than 3 years 20% for the first 2 years plus 10% per annum calculated daily during the 3rd year
3 3 years or more but less than 4 years 30% for the first 3 years plus 5% per annum calculated daily during the 4th year
4 4 years or more 35% (maximum Exit Fee)
Further conditions are outlined in our Prospective Cost Document .

We strongly recommend you always seek independent professional legal and financial advice before deciding to purchase a unit.

Legislation requires management to provide residents with financial statements showing income and expenditure in relation to services and upkeep of the Village.

At present Residents have chosen not to operate within the structure of a Resident’s Committee. Management holds meetings with Residents every third month.

The Lakes Retirement Village operates a 24 hour Emergency Response System utilising the Tunstall Emergency Response, which includes an alarm unit and alarm pendant. If you require assistance, the operator will contact the emergency services and your nominated family / friend to attend depending on your needs.

We welcome pets such as fish and caged birds. Dogs and cats are not permitted to permanently reside within the Accommodation Units but are permitted if accompanied by a visitor or are being cared for on a temporary basis by a resident for a period of no longer than seven days unless prior approval in writing from the Manager is obtained.

The Lakes Retirement Village consists of independent living units. All residents may continue to live within the Village until such time that they cannot live safely or securely or the Scheme Operator and a person who has assessed the Resident’s care needs under the Aged Care Act 1997 reasonably believes the Resident’s type of accommodation is now unsuitable for the Resident.

The current average age is 82 years. Residents may enter a Retirement Village at 65 years of age and over.

Residents may organise assistance to meet changing needs and continue to reside in their unit until such time they cannot live safely or securely.

The Lakes Retirement Village is bound by State Government legislation. Warrina Innisfail Aged Care is governed by Federal Government requirements.
Residents would need to be ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessed and application made to Warrina Innisfail for respite care.

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Innisfail should be very proud of Warrina

It is obvious that the wonderful staff at Warrina make the difference!
The support you have all provided is exceptional.

–  Family of resident, ‘Dutchy’.